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My best traffic exchange, safelist, and auto-responder marketing strategies to help you promote your business opportunities. Includes 250 Dollars In Free Banner Ads & Text Link Ads & Other Ad Goodies!

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The most effective safelists and traffic exchanges

The Absolute Best Way to Promote Your Business AND Profit!

Think in terms of success: Earning a job replacing income online involves understanding the concept of ‘thinking in terms of success.’ Specify ‘what is success?’ and what do you have to do to reach that ‘success.’ Formulate success first in your mind, allow the possibility of success to become the certainty of success-- this is your goal; let it become your mantra. And as you allow ‘success’ to be your only avenue of pursuit, you will come closer each day to realizing it.
My Success mantra:
"Something Wonderful is Going to Happen Today." ...and it does, everyday!

My Formula for Success~


Simple Is Powerful
A steady stream of water flows through rock

THINKLINX first THEN make money. MOST safelist and traffic exchanges give you very little traffic or sales in return for your time, energy, and money. BEFORE you spend money on advertising or upgrades test out the free version of the program using a url tracker like EasyCashAdvertisingSystem that tells you where your visits came from. Other programs like ViralCommissions and ViralTacoTraffic tell you where your sales joined from. This is how I determine which safelists and traffic exchanges are most effective and worth investing my time, energy, and money.

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Step One: The primary portal through which I build my list is BuildaBizOnline.  BuildaBizOnline also has an income funnel called TurboBiz. TurboBiz earns you 20 dollars per sign-up, residual income downline programs, plus you can add 10 programs of your personal choice. TurboBiz gives you a genuine opportunity to become financially independent.

EasyCash4Ads is another good choice for a primary program. It actually promotes any business opportunity you wish while earning you 10 dollars per sign-up. After your third sign-up it doubles your earning potential and advertising as each new sign-up yields you two more sign-ups. Click the banner below and check out the presentation.

The Easy Cash Phenomenon

YOUR EasyCash4Ads link will be displayed above until you have at least 2 sign-ups! Simply click on the banner above and join and you will be next in line to get paid unlimited 10 dollar commissions, PLUS advertise your choice of business opportunities with unlimited free login ads to the EasyCash4Ads membership! After you sign up, click here: contact me and send me your referral ID so I can help you get your first two sign-ups.

Step Two: Traffic exchanges are my second tier of promotion. For this I hire out my son and pay him a dollar a day to surf 8 traffic exchanges for 25 visits each. Scroll below to view my full list of traffic exchanges and safelists.

 I promote a variety of splash pages through ONE url rotator, the easycashadvertisingsystem ECAS gives me stats on which traffic exchanges are performing the best. If a traffic exchange is underperforming, then I simply drop it and try out a different traffic exchange. ECAS even promotes itself when I surf the traffic exchanges.

 Here is a banner rotator you can use to promote your banner rotator in the traffic exchanges or wherever else you promote banners. Just put the banner rotator urls in where you would normally place your banner image and affiliate url. Here is the banner rotator I strongly recommend: Free members can place 7 banners into the rotator. When you wish to change your banners, instead of changing the banners urls in all of your ads, just login to VVP and change the urls there.

I use VVP to promote both BABO and Viral Commission banners.

Step Three:  Advertising in safelists daily is the most important step. If you do this consistently you will get sign ups, you will make money. But you must be persistent.

Make sure to test your ad headings using HotLinkCycler, 1TAE is also a good place to test your ad headings:

 In the upgraded version of HotLinkCycler, you can test 20 text links daily. You may want to make up index cards with info. on how frequently to post ads for each safelist. At first, post in as many different safelists as you can. Make sure to use your easycashadvertising tracker url for promoting BABO. Click here to join EasyCashAdvertisingSystem:

 You will get data on which safelists are giving you the most response from EasyCashAdvertisingSystem. Use this data to start to weed out the weak safelists so you can focus on promoting in the most responsive safelists.

My Secret Weapon: ViralCommissions is an internet phenomenon that is growing fast, over 5700 members at last count. It features a lively safelist membership with an unusually high click thru rate. Part of the reason being is that they hold monthly cash prizes just for clicking ads, plus give generous commissions up to 100%, and they offer various other incentives. I actually often promote ViralCommissions as an upfront campaign and promote BABO through the extremely active ViralCommissions banner, text ad, and safelist. So far this campaign is working exceptionally well!

Please contact me if you have any questions regarding my marketing strategy. There are many additional steps you might take to advertise, but these three steps cover the basics for me. The key is volume and consistency.


My Safelist Gems- Alpha Group
Use the safelist links below as a login pad or join your favorites. These "gem" safelists highlighted in green have given me the best response in terms of traffic and/ or sign-ups. This is where I focus my advertising campaigns for my primary business.

pifexplosion promoteadspaypro earnyourupgrade
webstars2k bannervip blaster guru
bestlistmailer mailsy easycashlistbuildingsystem
viralcommissions 1TAE 1profitring
viraltacotraffic emailxprofits hotspot mailer
cashsystemmailer freebeesafelist mail-hog
My Secondary Safelists-

These are my so-called secondary safelists. Many are actually very good, it's a mixed bag here, but they don't become gems until they go through my vetting process and give me exceptional response. I promote viralcommissions and viraltacotraffic to these safelists until my stats show I get several sign-ups from each of them. Investing money in these is very frugal, if any. After posting, I check my safelist credits and click some gmails to build up credits in those safelists where I just posted. There, done for the day.  Do this religiously and your business will grow.

Group One Group Two Group Three
wondermailer micropowerlist supersoloadvertising
traffic24seven topcashclub ezmailinglist
50adaygetsyoupaid mailercashin herculist
dominomailer midnightsunsafelist rainbowmarketingsystem
rocket-mailz safelistpro viralcashmultiplier
simplesafelist 10buckblast buildmydownlines
equussafelist MillionLeadsForFree pro-ventures
listmillion classicsolomailer soloadmaniac
virallinkspro convertmyads trafficclassic
dailymailblaster theoptinmailer outlawmailer
Group Four Group Five Group Six
lootclick prolistsolutions blazinghotviralmailer
vitaladviews clickmyoffers tornadotraffic
contactsolosafelist screamingtextads easymailinglist
totaladexplosion   effectivesafelist
  superlistexplode adtactics
europeansafelist supersafemailer onlinetrafficads
mytrafficplanet mailingathome shootingstarstextads
100percentmailer myinstantlist oldschooladz
powerlistmailer theadbusters dailytalkadz
supersolo-network monstersoloservice jumbosolos

Advertise, Traffic, Profit!

My Alpha group-- I surf these daily. These traffic exchanges give me high volume traffic EVERY day! You will be hard pressed to find traffic exchanges that equal this group. I check the performance of these exchanges daily using the ECAS, EasyCashAdvertisingSystem. I use ONE ECAS url tracker, the same one, in each of these exchanges and surf from 25 to 100 credits each depending on how many credits I need to maintain my credit bank. TIP: If this setting is available, set your CPD, clicks per day, to 25 to get an average of 200 clicks per day to your website.
easyhits4u hit2hit
fasttrackhits membersrule
trafficg cherylsredhothits
webmasterquest hotflashhits
beehits clickvoyager
Secondary traffic exchanges-- These TEs I use to send traffic to my personal pages like this one. They deliver somewhat less and inconsistent traffic compared to my Alpha group above.
super7surf vigilan-te
you2surf surfaholicste
redstaghits trafficspeedway
coolcathits downlineviraltraffic
newwaysurf trafficpi
Don't bother spending your hard earned cash on coops or programs that promise to promote your website everywhere unless you just want "hits" to your website. Remember, MOST traffic exchanges give you very little, if any traffic at all. Test traffic exchanges with a url tracker, like easycashadvertisingsystem, before you invest. I use Easysqueezyrotator sometimes to get just hits to my websites that give me credits for hits. But, otherwise, why squander your money on untested traffic. Prove first, using your url tracker, then invest.

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