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My best traffic exchange, safelist, and auto-responder marketing strategies to help you promote your business opportunities.

Free Advertising in up to 50 traffic exchanges!

The Absolute Best Way to Promote Your Business AND Profit!

Think in terms of success: Earning a job replacing income online involves understanding the concept of ‘thinking in terms of success.’ Specify ‘what is success?’ and what do you have to do to reach that ‘success.’ Formulate success first in your mind, allow the possibility of success to become the certainty of success-- this is your goal; let it become your mantra. And as you allow ‘success’ to be your only avenue of pursuit, you will come closer each day to realizing it.
My Success mantra:
"Something Wonderful is Going to Happen Today." ...and it does, everyday!

My Formula for Success~


Simple Is Powerful
A steady stream of water flows through rock

Marketing your business opportunities doesn't have to be a complicated affair. In fact, I've broken it down into three simple steps: set up a primary portal/ your lead capture page; advertise your primary portal in traffic exchanges; and advertise your primary portal in safelists.

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Step One: The primary portal through which I build my list is NoMarketerLeftBehind. NMLB is also a safelist where you can earn up to 100% viral commissions. You can join free here:

 So the first step is preparing NMLB for promotion. That means setting up your auto-responder messages. You can get a copy of the messages I use by simply subscribing to "What Works For Me," in the column to your left. Then feel free to modify and edit the messages to your liking. I promote all of my other business opportunities through my auto-responder messages. The auto-responder I use is A-ListMailer, which is a sub-program of ParadoxCash. You will find the urls below:



 Next, as an upgraded member of NMLB, you can promote an exit pop-up. I place my url for ViralCommissions, as my exit pop up.

Step Two: Traffic exchanges are my second tier of promotion. For this I hire out my son and pay him a dollar a day to surf 8 traffic exchanges for 25 visits each. Scroll below to view my full list of traffic exchanges and safelists.

 I promote a variety of my NMLB splash pages through ebizrotator. Ebizrotator has a banner rotator in its top frame. This top frame is where I promote my secondary business opportunities. Ebizrotator,

Promotes itself when you surf the traffic exchanges.

 Here is a banner rotator you can use to promote your banner rotator in the traffic exchanges or wherever else you promote banners. Just put the banner rotator urls in where you would normally place your banner image and affiliate url. Here is the banner rotator I strongly recommend: Free membeers can place 7 banners into the rotator. When you wish to change your banners, instead of changing the banners urls in all of your ads, just login to VVP and change the urls there.

I use VVP to promote both NMLB and Viral Commission banners.

Step Three:  Advertising in safelists daily is the most important step. If you do this consistently you will get sign ups, you will make money. But you must be persistent.

Make sure to test your ad headings using HotLinkCycler, 1TAE is also a good place to test your ad headings:

 In the upgraded version of HotLinkCycler, you can test 20 text links daily. You may want to make up index cards with info. on how frequently to post ads for each safelist. At first, post in as many different safelists as you can. Make sure to use your easycashadvertising tracker url for promoting NMLB. Click here to join EasyCashAdvertisingSystem:

 You will get data on which safelists are giving you the most response from EasyCashAdvertisingSystem. Also NMLB should tell you where your sign ups are coming from. Use this data to start to weed out the weak safelists so you can focus on promoting in the most responsive safelists.

Please contact me if you have any questions regarding my marketing strategy. There are many additional steps you might take to advertise, but these three steps cover the basics for me. The key is volume and consistency.


My TOP Safelists
Vary the times when you post ads; vary the headlines and headlines for each posting session-- but post at least 10 ads per day. Check your safelist credits and click some gmails to build up your credits in those safelists you just posted. There, done for the day.  Do this religiously and your business will grow.

Where I've received two or more sign-ups
bestlistmailer twe-safelist
soloadmaniac easycashlistbuildingsystem
pifexplosion freebeesafelist
totaladexplosion blaster guru
Where I've received at least one sign-up
hawk responder 50adaygetsyoupaid
cashsystemmailer rushourtraffic
jumbosolos viralcashmultiplier
You need to click for credits even if you're upgraded
10buckblast buildmydownlines
guaranteedmails listsurfing
Highly recommended
wondermailer hotspot mailer
earnyourupgrade dominomailer
triumphmailer viraladmagnet
redstagmailer lazerhits
equussafelist theoptinmailer
listmillion dailymailblaster
listshock sugarmailz
smgmailer safelistpro
whitelist-email-marketing adtactics
emailxprofits simplesafelist
landmarketingmailer adventureadz
mailercashin goldenrosemailer
dynamitemailingexplosion homebizcashmailer
almighty-safelist viralnetworkmailer
superlistexplode outlawmailer
100percentmailer mywebadz
highiqmailer topcashclub
richyrichmailer listretro
adtroopers zoommoola
puffinmailer supercashffa
revolist rocket-mailz
lootclick enchantedmails
vitaladviews fastandfurioustraffic
contactsolosafelist blazinghotviralmailer
supersafemailer screamingtextads
clickmyoffers easyprofitlist
email-hog homebizcashmailer
goldenchestmailer shootingstarstextads
effectivesafelist freesupersolos
tornadotraffic mytrafficplanet

Advertise, Traffic, Profit!

Simple System 23!
This traffic exchange surfing system is based on the number of traffic exchanges that I can effectively promote , which is 23. I promote 8 exchanges, including 1TAE and BannerVIP, in my EasyCashAdvertisingSystem. The other 15 traffic exchanges I promote with GrowYourListAndIncome. Note, in the surfing schedule below, easyhits4u and hit2hit, are surfed everyday.

My top four-- I surf these daily
easyhits4u membersrule
tebully bannersgonewild
my level one (I surf each level for one week consecutively and then start over again at level one)
trafficswirl tezaktrafficpower
listsurfing clickvoyager
level two
bannervip hit2hit
top1surf soaring4traffic
level three
ilovehits trafficsplash
trafficadbar  fasttrackhits
level four
hitlink hotwebsitetraffic
trafficg websitetraffichog
level five
easycashadvertising squirlytraffic
webmasterquest surfers2u
level six
startxchange top1hits
trafficera  adventureac
level seven
zaneyclicks  trafficwonderland
Honorable Mention Traffic Exchanges

These are other traffic exchanges that I've joined. Not necessarily bad TE's, they simply didn't make it into my top list as a person can only effectively surf so many TE's.

1 mul-te topcashclub spotlightex grapevinetraffic
2  realhitz4u paradoxtraffic fox-hits buzzybiztraffic
3 TopTierTraffic  trafficshowdown hotflashhits passgoforcash
4 freeprotraffic vasthits marketingsurf smileytraffic 
5 conversionsurf easymoney instantxchange hitsboosterpro
6 hisurfers skyscrapersurf trafficspeedway fasteasytraffic
7 bigbeachhits megabuilder proclickexchange kiwihitsplus
8 qualityhits4u trafficdelivers highhits boomingwebsite

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